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Immediate Tooth Replacement Cost Minneapolis

Free thirty minute All On 4 Implant or other Denture Implant consult.
All ON 4 Dental Implants
Permanently Fixed Zirconia/Acrylic/PMMA Fixed New Teeth, initially with new temporary denture. Finance for zero-down, $235/mo, 90 term.

Permanent Teeth Zirconia Single Arch :  $1,750
Permanent Teeth Zirconia Double Arch: $3,500

Bone Revision

Permanent Teeth Zirconia Single Arch:  $1,140
Permanent Teeth Zirconia Double Arch: $2,280


Permanent Teeth Zirconia Single Arch:  $5,750
Permanent Teeth Zirconia Double Arch: $5,750

Financing Details
  • $0Down
  • 48, 60, 90 month term
  • High Approval
  • 600+ Fico Score Required
  • Inquiry Won't Affect Score
  • Decision Within Seconds

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The temporary tooth is made from acrylic and is custom made to have the shape and color of your teeth, and looks and feels like real teeth. The temporary tooth stays implanted through the healing process for 3 months when the bone grows around the Implants and your gum tissue is sculpted to support the final look of your replacement tooth! In most cases patients return to daily activities quickly.


If you have just lost a tooth (for example, as a result of a sporting injury) it may well be possible to put an implant tooth in immediately. You should act quickly though: it only takes a couple of days for the gum to grow down into the socket – and this will make it difficult to put an immediate implant in place.


The temporary teeth look very natural and stay securely in place until the implant has healed sufficiently to put the permanent crown in place.


An immediate implant can save months of waiting for your new tooth. It will reduce the number of visits you need to make to the surgery and the money you have to spend on preparation and surgery time.

Dr. Roderick VanSurksum Minneapolis Top Fixed Denture Specialist